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Why Vending Exchange?

You can have a vending machine installed for your business risk-free with our 60-day no obligation period. We bring vending to businesses and facilities in the Elk Grove, CA area.

Our services are customized to fit the needs of your employees, customers, and students giving them the products they want. Our American-made vending machines accept all major Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayRange and Cash.

Elk Grove, CA vending: Two In One Machines!

Meet Your Needs + Demands

From traditional & healthy snack options, we offer customized service to find the right fit for your vending needs. We continually re-stock the machines with new products.

Elk Grove, CA vending: Two In One Machines!

Both Healthy +
Traditional Products

We offer a wide variety of snacks and drinks to keep your employees, customers, and students satisfied!

Elk Grove, CA vending: Two In One Machines!

High Quality Vending Machines

Featuring beautiful displays and support for multiple payment methods, our energy-efficient machines offer you convenience and quality.

...All at no cost to you!!

Service Area

We bring vending to businesses and facilities in the Elk Grove, CA area.

Get one of our high-quality vending machines in your business along with unmatched customer service.


Elk Grove is home to some of the best shopping, parks and entertainment in the state of California. So, what’s the key to enjoying everything the city has to offer? Increasing productivity at the office, leaving more hours in your day for fun and games, of course!

If you’re a local business owner, why not keep snacks on hand to motivate your team? Elk Grove Vending offers FREE delivery, installation and service of drink and snack machines throughout Northern California.

You heard it right here – We are the one-stop-shop for all your vending needs. Our machines are filled with delicious snacks, both healthy and traditional, to keep even the pickiest employees satisfied. Pus, we offer other necessities to keep your breakroom in tip-top shape. Other Elk Grove Vending Companies simply can’t compete!

Along with our free, full-service program, you’ll also be guaranteed 24-hour customer care. Our friendly staff are available any time of day to assist with stocking, cleaning, merchandising and maintenance. All you have to do is pick up the phone!

A hungry worker is a lazy worker, and lazy workers are just bad for business. Get the results you want from your team by providing fuel on-site. We’ll even set up a regular delivery schedule to ensure that your machines are always full of your favorite snacks. And let us remind you – Our Elk Grove Vending Services don’t cost you a dime!

It may sound too good to be true, but we take our guarantees seriously! See for yourself – Fill out the form below to get a brand-new vending machine delivered directly to your doorstep.

In a place as lovely as the Golden State, it’s easy to get distracted. Keep your employees fully focused by supplying them with plenty of fuel. We manage everything from delivery and installation to support and service. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with the Elk Grove Vending experts!

Our brand-name equipment meets all ADA requirements and comes with iVend guaranteed product delivery. Not to mention, all snack and drink machines work with the latest payments technology, including iPay and Google Pay. Because who carries cash these days? Not all Elk Grove Vending Machine Companies offer the same modern experience as we do!

Crowded roads and long commutes can make company supply runs unbearable. Fortunately for you, Elk Grove Vending makes it possible to keep your breakroom fully stocked without ever leaving the comfort of your own desk – just another way we help you save precious time!

But the best part about working with Elk Grove Vending is there’s no contract, no commitment and no hassle! Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordably priced snacks and the best customer service in all of California. We think you’ll notice a difference in our food, costs and the respect we show your team.

It doesn’t matter if you report to an office building, warehouse, hotel or medical center – You can benefit from bringing our Elk Grove Vending Machine Services to your workplace! Our snacks are sure to please all kinds of snackers.

Remember – We work with area business owners at no charge, because we understand that you have more important things to focus on than the state of your breakroom. Let us take care of keeping it clean and stocked.

At Elk Grove Vending, we hate to think of you slaving away at your desk after hours. Our team will help you accomplish more during the workday, giving you the chance to explore your beautiful city in the afternoon.

What are you waiting for? Call your friends at Elk Grove Vending to get started TODAY!